[Coaching Course] Ads Campaign Wizard: Getting Started with Digital Ads

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Ads are the most POWERFUL tool to get started with your business today. Google's and Facebook's algorithms are now more relevant than ever before. I've worked for over 7 years at Google, launching high impact Apps, YouTube, and Search campaigns, focusing on:

  • Driving the MOST relevant clicks to your website
  • Making every dollar count through precise targeting
  • Maximizing the rate of conversions and cost per actions
  • Providing detailed insights of what worked and what can be improved

What's in it for you? 

Together, we will set up your ad campaign / improve your existing ad campaign by:

  • Understanding your digital strategy
  • Doing a keyword/audience research
  • Creating or modifying ads that captivate your audience to interact
  • Setup or improve your existing conversion setup
  • Dive into insights and details you may have missed

Every booking includes a 3x Coaching Sessions to help us understand your existing setup or need, optimize your ads and dive-deep on reporting. 

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